From The Local Market To Your New Memories

From The Local Market To Your New Memories

A few other things sound more delightful than the kids echoing across the street, bicycles ringing their bells in a hurry or the noises that overflowing the corners of the local market place.
There is a travelling saying that – If you want to truly introduce yourself to some place you visit, you have to meet its local traders and purchase the most fresh and organic ingredients. Whether it is a hidden corner of used goods and second hand clothes, or the alley filled with metal hand-used scales for fruits and crafted goods – there is always a place that will become your favorite for its stories or offers it provides.
These are some of the Belgrade’s most loved oasis of hand-gesturing and bargaining market places where you will find all that defines the street culture here.

Called ”pijaca” by the locals ( from the italian word piazza – meaning an open public square)  it is a place for sharing and meeting new culture.


Built over 80 years ago in the peaceful and rustic part of the city – Vračar, it was a legacy of a great entrepreneur of that time – Mr. Vlajko Kalenić. Since the first days of business, following the survival of the war times this market was always considered as a favorite among the locals for its variety of choices and goods. From the flowers shops, to the deli’s filled with fresh meat chops and dairy products its magic lies in the hidden stands that offer old and antique pieces of history – and even the ones where you can find second hand pieces for a bargain price. From the dawn, during the early hours of the day the market is lively and adventurous right until the last bag of vegetable isn’t sold.

Location : Vračar, Njegoševa Street
Working hours : 06:00 – 17:00


Mentioning this market place is also impossible without regarding a great salesman of the past time in Belgrade that used his skills and creativeness to present his town a new place of gathering and trading. It is a heritage of a person called Cvetko Jovanović – a local businessman that gave up all of his life work to trading, constructing improved places for the folks of Belgrade to use.
Located on the corner of a boulevard that connects city’s center to the neighborhood of Zvezdara, it used to be a spot for merchants to eat and drink at until they continue their journey through the capital.
What gave this place a charm and glow that is still noticeable today is the decision to create a tram line that would allow folks from the outskirts of the city to come directly to the market. So, if you hop on a ride, you will find yourself on that same corner rich with fruits, fish markets and places to ease your feet and have a cold beverage.

Location : Zvezdara, Boulevard of King Alexander
Working hours : 08:00 – 16:00



If there is an appropriate epithet for this glossing market located near the main center of the city it would be the one that was used in its years of making – ”the first lady of the markets”. Truly an incredible and interesting piece of architecture that reminds of the Shanghai monastery or an oriental monument, in it’s interior it hosts a spacious plateau for a long line of stands, flee markets and other sorts of specialty shops.  Surrounded by busy bus stations, small fast food joints and an occasional street busker it is really the first heartbeat of many that you feel for the time being. You can come across old and authentic buildings or even witness places that used to be a local store but now it only hollows through the imagination of its entire look.

Location : Stari Grad, Zeleni Venac
Working hours : 06:00 – 19:00

And just a couple of uphill streets for here, stands a untouched and preserved piece of city’s history that combines all the freshest flavors of the locally-grown ingredients for the purpose of telling an entire story. Your favorite place of soulfull experience –

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