A Historic Schnitzel That Almost Didn’t Happen

A Historic Schnitzel That Almost Didn’t Happen

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While travelling and exploring the beauties of the World’s corners, it seems that there is always a good, really unbelievable story of a kind which you end up remembering every time a scent of a certain meal crosses your mind.
This story is a remembrance of one certain restaurant order that changed the playbook of Belgrade’s and culinary rules ever since. A kind of a tale that needs a recipe of it’s own just to tell it.

This is a story about Karađorđeva Schnitzel


During the 1950’s, the post-war Belgrade started blooming and embracing the multi-cultural trends and needs of a modern Europe. Everywhere you turned, you could have heard a tone of a French chanson, see a pair of new Italian designed trousers and get wowed by a brand-new American coupe car crossing your way on the street. Alleys were filled with restaurants and one of them had a very different visionairy chef behind the kitchen counter.
His name was Milovan ”Mića” Stojanović – a well-known resident and a true artist that painted his way through plates as if using a blank canvas. He was so reputable for his skills that he was promoted to a personal chef for one of the most iconic Yugoslav statesman – Josip Broz Tito.

On one of the busy days, the restaurant had prominent visitors with a request for a certain dish. Being used to serving traditional Serbian courses, Mića was surprised that one of those guests ordered a ”Chicken Kiev” as a way of getting rid of the hunger. There was a complete lack of ingredients for that dish, and he was faced with a decision that later on became an historic course of action.
Anxious about restaurant’s reputation he decided to risk it all and pioneer a schnitzel that presented his country in all the possible manners. He blended the finest pieces of veal fillet shaping a steak filled with a perfectly balanced domestic kajmak ( special clotted cream ).
What made this meal complete was an ill-known detail about its title. Named after a famous historical leader Karađorđe ( meaning Black George ) whose medal of honor was a star symbol for a unique individual he shaped the lemons around the schnitzel to represent that medal, and additionally sprayed a layer of tartar sauce diagonally over it to symbolize the ribbon of it as well. For a final touch he completed it all with some amazing potatoes and served it to a guest.

She was so fascinated with the meal that was first time presented to anyone that she requested to meet the chef and get the recipe. That’s when he realized it was Tamara Veger Broz he was serving, Tito’s relative and a influence news presenter at the time. Presented at a local culinary exibition, Karađorđeva’s schnitzel became an instant classic and a favourite amongst everyone.

Till this day, it is one of our proudest and cared courses, and here at Proleće we tend to keep those rustic recipes preserved because they are the reason we can reach the past times with a help of a single bite.


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  • Maritza M.
    Posted at 14:50h, 17 June Reply

    This an amazing dish!
    My family was wowed by your menu, and this article is very interesting to learn about Serbian culture..

    Karadiordjeva is the best! 🙂

    • Proleće
      Posted at 14:57h, 17 June Reply

      Dear Maritza,
      thank you for a generous feedback!
      We are glad that you had a great time in our restaurant –
      It is always a pleasure to host a wonderful group of people like yours.

      Proleće team

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